CompStor Novos®

Scalable, High Throughput Appliance
for Whole Genome/Exome Sequencing

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CompStor Novos®

CompStor Novos® is a family of accelerated solutions for detailed secondary analysis on Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) and Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) datasets. It is a purpose-built appliance around expanded memory storage tiers, that reduces data movement to optimize data ingress-compute-ingress times, enabling faster time-to-results for bioinformatics researchers and clinicians.

(This product is for research purposes only.)

CompStor Novos®

Built-in support for the following analysis workflows:

  • Illumina
  • PacBio
  • WGS/WES datasets
  • Germline analysis
  • Somatic analysis
Variant Discovery
  • SNPs/Indels
  • Structural Variants (SVs)
  • Copy Number Variants (CNVs)

CompStor Novos® Benefits

Accelerated, high throughput de novo assembly, reference alignment and variant calling appliance that can be scaled up or down over time to meet workload demands.


Fully integrated pipeline appliance that is quick and easy to set up and run, with a simple user interface. From unpacking the box to NGS or long read sequencing in less than an hour.

Flexibility to select from either a pure GATK variant output, or a higher accuracy output from OmniTier’s own Novos® variant caller.

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