Memory Accelerated
Compute and Storage (MACS)

A distributed, tiered memory based technology, for high performance computing and big data applications.

MACS technologies include:

  • Caching: Memory Caching – Providing DRAM object store performance at one-tenth the cost
  • Fabric: High performance storage management solution for PB scale deployments – Up to 10x faster data ingress/egress performance at a fraction of all-flash storage


Reduces complexity of storage management within applications, through a unified interface.


Solves the limitations of conventional key-value solutions such as eliminating compaction stalls and throughput bottlenecks.

Scales to large capacities needed for large data workloads such as genomic analysis.

Solution Applications

In-Memory Caching

Hybrid Cloud

Centralized Cloud

In-Memory Caching

Edge Computing

Throughput vs. Time

Tested under 100% random write (set), uniform random key-frequency distribution, YCSBKV sizes. MemStac system consists of 6 NVMe P3700 SSDs; Network is 2x10 GbE